Malady from the east – Poem

Malady from the east – Poem


From a distant country, we heard of a pain
Within no time, we recorded a gain
In the helter-skelter, of  an approaching rain
Education in the whole world, came to vain
A new era with new normals, had reigned
Our economy,  began to drain
Universe dwellers, began to strain
Upon us, has come a pandemic

This disease, truly is satanic
It’s threatening, to be an endemic
If not held,

Might sink humanity like the Titanic
Upon us, has come a pandemic

Never should we behave, like in the past
Social distancing, is a must
If you fail, to put on a mask
To prevent, the new dust
Your flag, may flow half-mast
A vaccine is coming, in God we trust
Upon  us,  has come a pandemic

A task force is convened, to manage the spread
Millions  the cost of ambulances,PPEs, tea and bread
And down goes, the donations from abroad
While up goes, the effect of the spread
Institutions,  remain stranded
Upon us, has come a pandemic

Kib Kigen



  • When are we likely going to back to school

  • Good message, God is with us.

    Meshack Ojiambo Okumu KG Class 2019/2022

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