Board of Management


The college is managed by the Board of Management (BoM), appointed every three years by the Cabinet Secretary of Education in accordance with the Basic Education Act (2013).
The BoM structure comprises of the following sub committees;

  • Academic Standards, Quality and Environment Committee
  • Finance, Procurement and General-Purpose Committee
  • Discipline, Ethics and Integrity Committee
  • Human Rights and Students Welfare Committee
  • Audit Committee

The BoM is the overall manager of the college and its powers and responsibilities are stipulated in the Basic Education Act (2013). These include:

  • Handle academic matters in the college
  • Prudent management of finances
  • Appointment and remuneration of non- teaching staff
  • Discipline matters and issues of both staff and students
  • An advisory link between the college and the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders
  • College projects implementation processes
  • Procurement of goods and services
  • Disposal of goods
  • Recruitment of non-teaching staff
S/N NAME Designation 
1 Prof. Beatrice N. Warue Chairperson
2 Eng. Ndirangu Wangai Deputy Chairperson
3 Dr. Eustace Muthui Secretary
4 Adv. Samuel Gathiga Mwangi Member
5 Rev. Fr. Paul Kimani Member
6 Dr. Patricia W. Gathia Member
7 Prof. Richard M. S. Mulwa Member
8 Mr. Henry G. Kinyua Member
9 Mr. Mohamud Sheik Ibrahim Member
10 Mr. Joseph Kagunda Mwangi Member
11 Mrs. Jacqueline Onyango Member
12 Mr. Robert Muma Olweny Member
13 Ven. Joseph Gitonga Njakai


14 Dr. Christine Njiru Member
15 Arch. Thomas Mundia Member
16 Dr. Paul S. Njuguna Member
17 Mr. Mainje N. Titus Member
18 Hon. Geofrey Wandeto MP – TETU Ex-Officio
19 Hon. Stanely Wakibia MCA Aguthi/Gaki Ex-Officio
20 Mr. Philip Mathenge – Chief Gaki Ex-Officio
21 TSC Regional Director Ex-Officio
22 Regional Director of Education Ex-Officio