Monday 5th October and it was time to resume academic activities in the institution. The final year students started to report back for the completion of their examinations prior to embarking on the teaching practice exercise. The lecturers as well started to come back too with a good number of meetings scheduled as a way of preparing for the eventual opening of the entire college which is scheduled for 19th October 2020.

Are we prepared? Yes.

Much has gone into ensuring that the re-opening protocols are observed. To start with, no one can access the institution through the gate without having their temperature checked and recorded- both students and staff. A tent has been mounted adjacent to the gate manned by college health personnel to ensure that the exercise goes on seamlessly. In addition, the college has procured 18 Thermo guns which will be used to support the exercise at different areas in the institution for instance, the library.

All offices have been equipped with hand sanitizers and a total of 18 foot pedaled handwashing kits complete with soap and water placed at strategic places within the college to enhance hand hygiene. Further, the college water supply has been enhanced by the construction of five towers hosting nine tanks with a capacity of 16,000 liters per tank. These tanks have the capacity to supply water to the college for four days running without pumping any more water.

The COVID- 19 protocols dictate that institutions avail plastic foot- pedaled waste bins to ensure safe disposal of litter and waste. A good number of these have been procured.

To improve hygiene standards in the kitchen and dining hall, the serving surfaces have been fitted with granite and other working surfaces with white tiles. The table surfaces have been dressed with white Formica and have been clearly marked to ensure that social distance is maintained during meals. The floor which was redone using terrazzo a couple of weeks ago is now very easy to manage and keep spotlessly clean.

Final touches are being done to the college dispensary which has been expanded to include a laboratory, a pharmacy and more spacious consultation and observation rooms. The surfaces therein have been fitted with granite tops and tiling has been done too.

Our third-year ladies get to sample the prestigious Burundi hostel where they are to be accommodated for the two weeks during which they will be in college. This is because their hostels are under renovation but enough of them will be ready for occupation by the time the first and second-year students arrive on the 19th of October.

We continue to pray for God’s protection even as we practice hand washing, masking, and social distancing.