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It is a heartfelt feeling of gratitude to the Almighty for allowing me to join KAGUMO TTC. Great people-oriented to perfect welcoming nature is what I found here. This is why I have also made up my mind to share this piece. Perhaps build a soul and make a contribution towards making this College the best it can be. This is the place I was destined to pass through to make my dreams come true and  I am very ready to go through the teacher training process up to the graduation day.
When  I completed high school, I had an opportunity to work at a banana ripening store. This store had machines I had never seen before; actually the only ones of their kind in Kenya, and curiosity about how the machines work saw me decide to work there and learn more about the business.
While in the store and under normal conditions, the bananas ripened so well, acquiring an appealing spotless yellow  look. One that attracted customers from far; if you had some extra coins and passed by where they were being sold,you just would not afford to pass them.
But at times, because machines are man made and bound to make mistakes, they would fail to regulate themselves to maintain the required  standards resulting in high temperatures which ended up damaging the bananas. They would lose their shiny spotless look and become dull with many black spots. A messy sight to behold and consequently quite ‘unsellable’. These bananas were regarded as DAMAGED GOODS and as a result could only be sold at half of the normal price.
The first time I encountered this phenomenon I decided to experiment and guess what I learnt? After peeling banana after banana and eating them I realised that these bananas were unique. They may have been ugly on the outside but they were much sweeter than the flawless ones on the inside. I mean there was nothing wrong with these bananas on the inside. Assessing the outside would and usually did lead one to judge them poorly as damaged and therefore not good for human consumption.
All of us, when going through life,  do not go far without making a mistake or two. Being disrespectful to a lecturer, a member of non teaching staff, a comrade or even to a close friend.
Using abusive language, stealing, failing badly in your exams. Having poor relationships with your family and fellow teacher trainees. Lastly and the most unfortunate; choosing the most dangerous route of a student’s life by engaging yourself in drugs and substance abuse- taking alcohol, cigarettes, bhang, cocaine,heroin and many others resulting in self-destruction.
My sincere hope is that should you find yourself in such a predicament you will find the strength to change and draw yourself out of it…But before that you can be sure there will be many people coming up to you with the “DAMAGED GOODS LABEL”. They will lay key focus on what you are going through, your misgivings and how you are failing in life. They will shun you and as if they were God, predict that death, the leveller is coming for you soon.
But my fellow brothers and sisters you need to know that these setbacks do not have any effect on your DNA. There is nothing wrong with you inside. You are still wonderful and can accomplish your goals.You still have that blood of a winner inside you.A DNA of the ALMIGHTY GOD. Therefore choose to change and get amazed by your progress.
Now listen, people can’t stop you from achieving a great future and reaching your destiny. The only one who can stop you is you yourself. You may have failed but you are not a failure.
GOD can bring you to greatness out of a great mess.If you keep the faith, He will pay you back with double portions for the unfair things that have happened to you. Should you decide to change, you will find that:
GOD has an after this remedy for you.

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  • Feeling nice to start sharing.

    Francis owen Reply
  • Great job.and let’s all feel free to share something.

    Francis owen Reply

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