Kagumo College is honoured to have the Rovers club which is one of the most active clubs and societies in the institution. With the guidance of our Patron Mr.Kamau Nguthiru  we are able to  carry out our responsibilities satisfactorily. We raise the three flags that fly at the administration Block; a sign that this is a serious institution where work goes on as expected every day. Our able patron also helps us to meet the objectives of a rover which are:

  • To develop good character, self -reliance and good citizenship.
  • To make Rovers fit both physically and mentally.
  • To encourage the early choice of a career.
  • To encourage the best use of educational facilities at hand.
  • To continue good counsel and good fellowship.

The Rovers Movement is based on four ideals which are honour, religion,  patriotism and service and is guided by three fundamental principles which are duty to God, duty to others and duty to self. Clearly the ideals and principles put God right in the middle of healthy living as well as ‘the self’ and others. A good Rover should abide by the commandment of Christ that we should love our God with all our heart and mind and soul and we should love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

Being primarily a scout, a rover is bound by the Scout law which states that a Scout is cheerful and brave under all difficulties, makes good use of all things, obeys lawful orders of those in authority, is clean in appearance, thought, word and deed and is a friend to all and a kin to every other scout no matter what country, community or religion the other may belong.

Every February, the Scouting world gathers in Nyeri at the Baden Powell memorial to celebrate their founder, remembering his service to humanity through the movement that has thousands of followers world- wide.  He was a champion of responsible living as is captured in the following quote:

“Happiness is not mere pleasure nor  the outcome of wealth.  It is the result of active work rather than the passive enjoyment of pleasure. Your success depends on your own individual effort in the voyage of life.”

                                                                                      -Lord Baden Powell-

By Francis Muraya MaBs, Peris Mukunga ECRE and Peris Maina ECRE


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