It was just yesterday, graduands, you were working so hard for success in your exams. Soon you will open a new chapter of your life. That of moulding the Kenyan youth into responsible citizens. Youth who like the sleeping lions of Africa wait for a chance to pounce on their prey, wait for someone to steer them to success in life. Such is your noble role. They are the future; give them your all and watch them transform Africa in to a self-reliant continent, in terms of food production, science and technology. Just as we cannot have a tree without roots nor a lion without paws yet still a lie without some truth we cannot have a brighter more productive youth without education.

The transformative lessons inculcated here at Kagumo TTC will aid in completely changing our young youths.  You are well equipped with versatility and will smoothly glide into the new Competency based curriculum. You have a duty too to steer them in the right direction in terms of morals. Preach righteousness as it is a key factor in morality. Down with all traps that ensnare and ruin the youth of today. The addictions that destroy an individual right to his/her core being.

Teach them to lead, but not to follow. Let them know how to share, but not to borrow. Feed them today with education and wisdom, because we need them tomorrow; they are our future. So never forget your obligation. The power to change the future is soon to be bestowed on you.

Congratulations on your new achievement.

We shall be all smiles that day, joining in your happiness as we await our turn in a few short years.

Francis Owen

EH year one.



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