From Grass to Grace

From Grass to Grace

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It is a very wonderful experience for me to start writing to my newly found family.The great family of Kagumo Teachers College. Here, in my point of view, is the best place to be. That’s why I am all smiles when I meet each and everyone around.

It is pastures getting greener each and every day, for us who have joined the institution filled with expectations to go far beyond records and make the best out of this chance…I  mean in terms of performance. Many of us who joined the College is not as young as we may seem. We have made past mistakes of dropping out of school, with one of the major reasons being lack of school fees and in some rare cases drug abuse and addiction. Although we are the first years, many of us may be highly experienced in terms of life issues. The truth is some can even predict the future of comrades just by looking at their appearance and dress code. This is because they have attended many lectures in other institutions but failed to complete for given reasons, leaving without a certificate to show but with a whole world of point is that older members of our esteemed fraternity should continue mentoring us. We are grateful for the good work you are doing but we pray you to listen to us new members…we may have something to share too…lessons that life’s experiences have taught us as one good turn deserves another.
It is my ladder to greater
heights knowing only too well that on the road to success there are many bumps, hills and mountains..Many start the journey but give up halfway, unable to manoeuvre the bumps or scale the hills and mountains. Only the committed person forges on with eyes focused solely on their goals. Only these reach the fullness of their desires. Only these reach their destiny.
The reality is that both keep walking and they do the same distance; one goes halfway ahead towards their destiny while the other goes halfway back to where they started and sadly so.
A committed person will go the extra mile and do more than what is expected. He will exceed expectations.
Now that we have the opportunity to make something good out of our lives, let’s stay committed to our individual goals, do what is expected at all times while wearing the gown of respect towards everyone. Day by day and before you know it you will be wearing a graduation gown. You owe it to yourself to complete this course successfully.
In the meantime let me continue knowing more about our great College, exploring it as I enjoy a breath of fresh air aided by the cool green lawns and welcoming tree shades in the serene environment…and because of the hospitality of our college and the facilities herein, expand my knowledge, broaden my perspectives and gain more wisdom in how to tackle the future successfully.



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  • Great.and let us all feel free to share

    Francis owen Reply
  • Very encouraging words. Thanks alot

    Koech Reply

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